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Metis Secure Solutions pushes campus security to the next level

May 27, 2009

For close to 100 years, our lives have depended
on a ringing bell to alert us of imminent danger. It's
about time that system got a high-tech overhaul.

Oakmont-based Metis Secure Solutions has
developed a wall-mounted, hardware and software
integrated Emergency Notification System (ENS)
for college and university campuses that can do
what few other new solutions can-unify
communication and send it beyond the reach of
other frequencies to dispatch life-saving
information where it needs to go.

Two independent wireless data paths, a mesh
network and a FM digital sub-carrier, allow Metis
to operate when other systems and cell reception
could be crippled, says Dave Hockendoner, chief
technology officier.

"Our system targets a given
building, floor or room and sends specific instructions to
the selected units." Imagine that during 9-11, when hundreds of people
on different floors didn't know where to turn.

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