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Voice-Centric Mass-Notification System Partnership Announced
IMLCORP and Metis Secure Solutions Join Forces Indoors and Outdoors

June 28, 2011

PITTSBURGH, PA/MARIETTA, GA  June 28, 2011 ––IMLCORP, Marietta, GA, and Metis Secure Solutions, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, innovators of emergency notification systems, today announced a new partnership that will integrate their technologies to create a comprehensive indoor and outdoor emergency notification solution.  This solution will enable colleges and universities, military bases, commercial venues, and managers of other public spaces to send and receive emergency warnings with clear voice instructions of the highest clarity and intelligibility, both indoors or outdoors.

With this integrated solution, emergency managers will use the Metis Secure Command Center software to send an emergency warning to Metis Secure alerting devices and/or IMLCORP's SoundCommander® loudspeaker systems.  Both systems are easy to identify and select on the Command Center map-based interface software. Voice messages can be sent in three ways: pre-recorded messages, text-to-speech and live–voice. Working together, they provide the ultimate flexibility to inform and protect people in any situation.  The integrated solution shortens the steps necessary to send warnings inside and outside many buildings in seconds.

Mark Kurtzrock, president and CEO of Metis Secure Solutions said, "Both companies passionately believe that intelligible voice instruction is critical to effectively informing and protecting people during an emergency. With this new solution the best indoor and outdoor voice notification is available today in one comprehensive system."

Stefan Pollack, president and CEO of IMLCORP said, "The integrated solution recognizes the need for multiple communications channels to reach everyone who might be affected by an emergency. Coordinating all messaging through a single, integrated source gives emergency managers the best possible opportunity to reach everyone in one way or another."

The Metis Secure system is an integrated hardware and software solution that combines comprehensive Command Center software, rapid two-way MS-5100 Alerting Devices and triple-redundant wireless mesh, Ethernet, and FM-RBDS communication technologies to ensure security personnel can communicate to anyone or everyone in seconds - not minutes.

IMLCORP designs and manufactures SoundCommander high-powered mass notification and tactical loudspeaker systems that are designed specifically to project the highest quality, most intelligible live voice and pre-recorded voice messages, in addition to broadcasting powerful warnings and alert tones giving users clear, powerful sound with the capability to direct it where it is most needed.

About Metis Secure Solutions, LLC

Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough emergency notification that strengthens existing mass notification systems by filling critical security gaps to assure everyone gets notified in an emergency. Our triple-redundant communications network, comprehensive command center and rapid two-way communications allow security personnel to gather accurate information and notify people and responders with specific instructions within seconds – the fastest time in the business. The system can operate independent of telephones, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Internet and power, so it is the last line of communication when all other systems fail.  More information about the Metis Secure system can be found at or by contacting Amy Baker, Director of Marketing, 412-828-3700, ext. 1218.


Based in Marietta (Atlanta), GA, IMLCORP develops, manufactures and distributes ruggedized, portable, deployable and fixed loudspeaker systems for use by law enforcement, homeland security organizations, military forces,  fire departments for urban and wildfire operations, disaster and rescue organizations and public venues. Incorporated in 1991, IML personnel have over 60 combined years of experience in military and public safety operations. IMLCORP's SOUNDCOMMANDER® loudspeaker systems have been proven in military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia and East Timor. They were employed for disaster support operations after the 2004 Asian Tsunami, during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and for crowd control at the 2008 Democratic Party national convention. They are part of emergency mass notification systems on college and university campuses. The SOUNDCOMMANDER SC1000 system was selected to provide the emergency sound coverage for the 2002, G-8 Summit of world leaders in Canada. Systems are installed at the U.S. national championship competition rifle ranges. IMLCORP products are sold through GSA, dealers and distributors worldwide. IMLCORP, 869 Pickens Industrial Drive, Suite 17, Marietta, GA 30062 USA. Phone (toll free in the US): 1-866-IML-CORP (465-2677), Worldwide: +1-678- 331-3190, Fax: +1-678-331-3170,,