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Metis Secure Partners with Coastal Security Consultants

July 3, 2012

PITTSBURGH—Metis Secure Solutions has partnered with Coastal Security Consultants, veteran security industry experts who will represent Metis Secure’s award-winning emergency notification systems in the high-growth US mid-Atlantic region.

Organizations rely on Metis Secure’s two-way, in-building and outdoor emergency notification systems to optimize their emergency response speed and effectiveness, reduce liability, and leverage pre-existing security investments. The Metis Secure system is deployed at manufacturing and industrial facilities, commercial office buildings and educational institutions such as Carnegie Mellon’s Mellon Institute, Point Park University, and Slippery Rock University.

“Metis Secure’s systems are very appealing for the many integrators and end-users who want to manage outbound emergency notifications and inbound calls for help from an on-site or off-site location,” said Andy Feldman, President, Coastal Security Consultants. “And, Metis Secure’s ability to tie in existing systems such as fire alarms, IP phones, text/email alerts, and police radios means that organizations can significantly upgrade their emergency communications while retaining their current security tools.”

The Metis Secure system features indoor and outdoor Alerting Stations backed by Command Center software and triple-redundant communications and power networks. Designated security personnel use the map-based software to monitor the system and push emergency alerts and instructions to targeted locations or to the entire facility or campus. People in need use Alerting Station Help buttons to connect with security or police via a two-way, live-voice, hands-free connection.

Coastal Security Consultants will represent the system with end-users, security integrators, and national distributors.

“We are pleased that Coastal Security immediately saw the value in our system,” said Mark Kurtzrock, President and CEO, Metis Secure. “They are highly respected in the security industry; and we look forward to working with them.”


About Metis Secure Solutions

Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough emergency notification that fills critical security gaps to help ensure that everyone gets notified in an emergency. Our triple-redundant communications network, comprehensive command center and rapid two-way communications allow security personnel to gather accurate information and notify people and responders with specific instructions within seconds – the fastest time in the business. The system can operate independent of telephones, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Internet and power, so it is the last line of communication when all other systems fail. The Metis Secure Emergency Notification system has won the ESX Maximum Impact Award and the Campus Technology Innovators Award.


About Coastal Security Consultants

Coastal Security Consultants, LLC, with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia, is consistently recognized by dealers, integrators, and distributors for its ability to provide superior support, salesmanship, and industry expertise. Andy Feldman and Tim Russell, founders of Coastal Security Consultants, are security industry veterans with over 30 years of combined experience. They provide sales leadership to security integrators, national distributors, and global manufacturers with both regional and national territories.

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