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View a New On-Demand Webinar: New Options for Old Emergency Phones and Callboxes

August 19, 2012

Emergency phone towers, call boxes, and "mushroom" buttons have become standard emergency devices in parking garages, healthcare and research facilities, industrial plants, and on corporate and university campuses across the country. Installed in the 80s and 90s, many are showing their age, leaving people and organizations at risk.

Join Dave Hochendoner and Tim Means of Metis Secure for a 20-minute session about options for dealing with old emergency buttons, callboxes, and phone towers. Issues they cover include:

  • How can I improve my existing system while retaining as much of my current security investment as possible?
  • What can IP integration/communications do for me, and what are the costs and benefits?
  • What are my emergency help options if my security people are on patrol instead of at a central station?
  • What are the options to potentially avoid digging up and retrenching old wires?

Please click here to view the webinar.

Dave Hochendoner
Dave Hochendoner
Chief Technology Officer

Tim MEans
Tim Means
Director of Product