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Metis Secure launches new line of IP panic solutions, mobile apps New panic options extend the power of the Metis Secure platform to
discreet workstation locations and mobile devices

March 13, 2014

PITTSBURGH—Metis Secure has launched a new line of networked "panic" solutions that people use to instantly and discreetly summon police or security if danger strikes.

For emergency responders, the Metis Secure system offers the flexibility to be notified of a panic activation and location via a wide variety of methods—IP phones, auto-calls to mobile devices and handheld radios, desktop pop-ups, base stations, and software.

In addition, the Metis Secure system can tie into video management systems and automatically display available camera feeds from the panic activation site to dispatchers in on-site or off-site police or security stations.

The new line of panic options includes:

  • Customizable "hot key" keyboard shortcuts that designated staff can use to discreetly alert responders that help is needed.
  • Mobile panic apps for smartphones and tablets that instantly alert responders and automatically transmit GPS location and basic information about the user.
  • Easy-install IP panic button and foot pedal hardware that plugs into any Ethernet port. Designed for discreet under-desk locations, the hardware is automatically supervised by the system, so dispatchers are alerted to any power or operation issues.

Emergency responder notification options include:

  • Sirens, voice announcements, and on-screen text alerts via IP desk phones.
  • Automatic calls to handheld radios or mobile phones, with a voice announcement identifying the location of the panic activation.
  • Desktop pop-ups on designated computer screens, with audio prompts via computer speakers.
  • Voice announcements and on-screen text with sirens and flashing lights on a wall-mounted base station in dispatch offices or stations.
  • Voice announcement with automatic map display of the panic activation location in Metis Secure's Command Center software, which can be accessed through any browser.

"What makes the Metis Secure panic system different is the ultra-flexibility and reach of the system," Mark Kurtzrock, Metis Secure president and CEO said. "Unlike standalone systems, the Metis Secure platform gives you almost limitless power to tie together different systems, locations, and emergency functions—making your response in an emergency much faster and more effective. Connect every school building in a district to the police station, tie in video and access control, give designated people access to the system to rapidly broadcast emergency instructions to everyone affected by a mass emergency—the Metis Secure system is designed to let you do all this and more."

The Metis Secure emergency communications system is used by universities, K-12 school districts, industrial facilities, commercial and public sites.

See the Metis Secure networked panic system in action in a new 2-minute video.

About Metis Secure Solutions

Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough in-building and outdoor emergency communications systems. Security and emergency management at commercial office buildings, industrial and research facilities, and universities depend on Metis Secure multi-purpose systems for both outbound emergency notification and inbound emergency communications—filling critical security gaps, optimizing emergency response speed and effectiveness, reducing liability, and leveraging pre-existing security investments. The Metis Secure system recently won the 2012 Electronic Security Expo Maximum Impact Award. For more information, contact us at 412-828-3700 or