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Emergency Notification and Communications for K-12 Schools

In an emergency, speed can save lives. Protect entire districts, school campuses, or individual school buildings with Metis Secure's emergency notification and communications system.

  • Establish a hotline to the police station--arm teachers and administrators with discreet mobile and IP panic solutions that instantly alert police when activated. Dispatchers see the precise panic location on Metis Secure's on-screen GIS maps and building floor plans.
  • Set the Metis Secure system to simultaneously alert on-site School Resource Officers, principals, district officials, or anyone else who needs to know when and where a panic button is triggered.
  • Tie in your video camera system--when a panic button activation comes in, live video from the trouble spot automatically pops up for police dispatchers. And, integrate existing access control systems for automatic lockdowns, if desired.
  • Integrate the Metis Secure system with existing school PA systems, computer screens, IP phones, and digital signs. This gives you the power to instantly broadcast emergency directives throughout a school building, school campus, or entire district in a crisis. And, you can launch an alert from anywhere, via any authorized computer browser or mobile device.

Case Studies

K-12 schools turn to Metis Secure

K-12 schools turn to Metis Secure

Three Case Studies: K-12 Schools
in NY, CT, and NC protect students
with Metis Secure.

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