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Former FDNY commissioner: Mass notification would have helped during 9/11

January 17, 2014
Author: Amy Canfield
Source: Security Systems News

December's Security Systems News featured a discussion of the importance of effective emergency notification and communications from the former commissioner of the NY Fire Department. Following is an excerpt:

NORTHFORD, Conn.—It has been more than a decade since two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, changing the lives of Americans forever, and resulting in the deaths of 2,750 people. Could it happen again? Thanks to the evolution of situational awareness technology and mass notification systems, the mass casualties could be mitigated, Tom Von Essen said at a press conference at Honeywell Life Safety, based here.


The World Trade Center’s security plan was to contain all employees in one tower if there was a security concern in the other. After the plane hit the North Tower, employees from the South Tower were scrambling to get out. “We told them to go back upstairs,” he said. “Because that was the plan. Many of those people died after the second plane hit.” Technology has evolved so that stakeholders should no longer be in the desperate position that he faced on 9/11, he said.

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