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SafeKey Personal Security Devices

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Safety is of universal concern. The solution is not an either/or scenario.

Safety connectivity should reach everywhere achievable, and no better placement than at everyone's fingertips,
in the most common device in the world, which is handed to you at no cost when you buy a car.

Safe+Key combines location and signal technology, in any type of key.
Safe+Key tech is embedded in auto, home, dorm and hospital keys, as well as in public safety, lone worker, and government ID badges, card keys, and wearable.

Safe+Key protects the US government, DOD, and NATO internationally, and is now being made available to the public.​

Safe+Key is the ultimate personal safety solution.
You can't leave home without your keys.
It's simple, smart, and patented.​

Every second counts in a real world emergency.
All objections are out the window when you experience this first hand. ​​
Safe+Key was invented when a victim was immobilized and suddenly realized he was in real trouble, and needed real help, right now, right at his fingertips. His car keys were in his hand. ​