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Get Notified.

Activate Emergency Alerts

Activating alerts is simple and fast for authorized users of the system.

Pre-configured Instant Alert:

  1. Click on the alert--e.g., "Tornado Warning," "Active Shooter," "Hazmat Spill"
  2. Click "confirm." Everyone at the target locations is alerted within seconds.

Custom Alert:

  1. Click on the alert. Enter any custom instructions, which will appear on Help Station screens and be broadcast via text-to-speech.
  2. Choose one or multiple locations – one or multiple help station, one or multiple floors, one or multple buildings/outdoor areas, or your entire site.
  3. Choose additional distribution methods – email/text alert services, IP phones, desktop alerts, etc.
  4. Review, confirm and click "Send."

What do your people experience?

  • Clear voice and onscreen text emergency instructions
  • Flashing amber lights
  • Sirens or other tones
  • Alerts through other integrated systems: desktop alerts, IP phones, PA systems, outdoor speakers, mass email/text notification services, and others.