Carnegie Mellon University moves forward with Metis Secure system for Mellon Institute

Carnegie Mellon University moves forward with Metis Secure system for Mellon Institute

JUNE 1, 2009

New Emergency Notification System Being Implemented in Mellon Institute

by Bruce Gerson

More Than 100 Devices Being Installed This Summer

They had the idea and the technology, but they needed a working product design and a proving ground. They found both at Carnegie Mellon, and the collaboration could improve campus safety at colleges and universities worldwide.

They are the people of Metis Secure Solutions, a spin-off of Sima Products Corp. Their idea is to maximize campus security through advanced technology by providing vital information to faculty, staff and students in a matter of seconds during an emergency. Dave Hochendoner, chief technology officer for the company, said the technology is a reliable combination of two wireless data paths that can rapidly carry voice and text messages campus-wide or to specific locations, such as buildings, floors of buildings, classrooms and individual dorm rooms.

“The emergency messages are transmitted over a mesh network, which uses the FM radio tower at WDUQ,” said Hochendoner, who earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and engineering and public affairs at Carnegie Mellon in 1975. “The mesh network maintains two-way communication even in the presence of dead zones, a loss of power or a cell network collapse.”

But what type of instrument or device would be used to interact with individuals on the receiving end? And where could they test their product and technology?

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