Safe and Secure: Mesh networked ENS makes one-way alerting obsolete

Safe and Secure: Mesh networked ENS makes one-way alerting obsolete

JUNE 9, 2009

During the tragedies of 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and
Virginia Tech, Americans saw the catastrophic impact
of inadequate emergency notification systems
(ENS). Communications delays in time-sensitive
situations hampered the ability of key personnel to
push emergency information out to those who
needed it the most.

Worse yet, as cell phone networks became overloaded and
shut down, and Internet connections and power were lost, it
became difficult or impossible to transmit vital information
such as warnings and situation updates.

To address the urgent need for an more effective ENS alternative,
Oakmont-based Sima Products Corporation spun off
Metis Secure Solutions in late 2008 to commercialize a new location-
based ENS platform capable of handling the unique
communication challenges that erupt during times of crisis.

In settings ranging from colleges and universities to public
buildings, highrise office buildings and shopping malls, Metis
Secure is designed to send the right message to the right people
in the right place in a matter of seconds, maintaining effective
communications in conditions far more challenging and
varied than those addressed by other systems.

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