Metis Secure to Demo Emergency Notification System at ESX

Metis Secure to Demo Emergency Notification System at ESX

JUNE 20, 2012

Metis Secure Solutions will demonstrate its Emergency Notification System at the Electronic Security Expo, June 25-29, in Nashville, TN, US.

For organizations with 24/7 monitoring needs, the system provides map-based Command Center software linked to Alerting Stations via a triple-redundant network.

Central security personnel or third-party monitoring companies use the system to:

  •  Monitor buildings and/or grounds
  •  Receive an immediate alert, automatic location information, and a direct voice link when someone in need hits the emergency request for help button—and instantly respond using 2-way, hands-free, live voice communication
  •  Quickly push out emergency notifications with lights, sirens, voice, digital text, and other modes to a single emergency box, floor, or building, or to an entire facility or campus, indoor and out
  •  Send different notifications to different areas when needed—e.g., instructing some people to shelter in place, and others to evacuate

In addition to the Metis Secure Alerting Stations, the Command Center software integrates with a wide range of other security and notification tools, including:

  •  Email, voicemail, and text notification systems
  • Sirens
  • Outdoor giant voice
  •  Fire alarms
  •  Outdoor call boxes
  • Public address systems
  •  Digital signage
  •  IP phones and police radios
  •  Video surveillance

This integration enables organizations to dramatically improve their security and notification systems while leveraging existing systems and investments. The Metis Secure system meets or exceeds the latest emergency notification regulatory guidelines, including NFPA 72 2010, Jeanne Clery Act 2010, and ADA.

The system can also be configured for organizations without 24/7 on-site security.

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action