Metis Secure is Innovator of the Year Finalist

Metis Secure is Innovator of the Year Finalist

AUGUST 28, 2012

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has named Metis Secure Solutions as an Innovator of the Year Award finalist. With the Innovator of the Year Awards, the Pittsburgh Technology Council recognizes companies that produce ground-breaking products that are redefining their respective industry sectors.

Metis Secure develops breakthrough emergency notification and communications systems that help its clients fill critical security gaps, optimize their emergency response speed and effectiveness, reduce liability, and leverage pre-existing security investments.

“It’s been an exciting year for Metis Secure, and we are honored to be recognized for innovation in the emergency communications field,” said Mark Kurtzrock, Metis Secure’s President and CEO. “Our system is a big step forward for organizations that want to be able to rapidly alert and instruct everyone at the scene of an emergency, and to quickly field and respond to emergency calls for help.”

Manufacturing, industrial, and research facilities, commercial office buildings, and educational institutions rely on Metis Secure’s systems to protect their people and facilities in an emergency. Metis Secure emergency communications systems feature:

Two way communications—outbound emergency notification and inbound calls for help
Easy integration with other security/life safety systems
Emergency voice instructions and precise location targeting
Redundant power and communications so that the system remains operational when power, internet, and phone networks fail
Easy-to-use, browser- and map-based software
Indoor and outdoor Emergency Help Stations
Previously in 2012, Metis Secure raised $1.6 million in private equity, expanded its sales and marketing team, and won the national 2012 Electronic Security Expo Maximum Impact Award.

About Metis Secure Solutions

Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough in-building and outdoor emergency communications systems. Security and emergency management at commercial office buildings, industrial and research facilities, and universities depend on Metis Secure systems for both outbound emergency notification and inbound emergency communications—filling critical security gaps, optimizing emergency response speed and effectiveness, reducing liability, and leveraging pre-existing security investments.

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action