Accent Becomes Authorized Reseller of Metis Secure’s Multi-Use Emergency Notification and Communications Systems

Accent Becomes Authorized Reseller of Metis Secure’s Multi-Use Emergency Notification and Communications Systems

NOVEMBER 15, 2012

PITTSBURGH—Accent Electronic Systems Integrators has partnered with Metis Secure Solutions to distribute Metis Secure’s innovative, multi-use emergency communications and notification systems.

With a combined 50 years of experience in the audio, video, communications, and life safety business, Accent is a leading electronic systems integrator both regionally and nationally.

“As a company, we offer our customers second-to-none service, and customized, innovative technologies that maximize their budgets,” said Paul Caruso, Accent Vice President. “The Metis Secure Emergency Communications and Notification System is a perfect fit for us—it’s a versatile, breakthrough emergency system that will help our customers significantly improve their ability to protect their people and their facilities.”

In an emergency, security and emergency personnel at large or multi-building industrial, research, parking, and university facilities need an effective way to rapidly notify hundreds or even thousands of people at once. Using the Metis Secure system, security can alert and instruct everyone on-site, within seconds. The Metis Secure system includes wall- or pole-mounted Emergency Help Stations that broadcast emergency alerts and instructions via sirens, strobes, crystal-clear pre-recorded voice, and on-screen text. The multi-use system also enables anyone on site to call for help—people can press the help button on any Metis Secure Help Station to immediately speak with security.

Emergency and security personnel send emergency alerts and receive help calls with Metis Secure’s easy-to-use map-based Command Center software, which they can access securely from on-site or off-site locations through their browsers. The Metis Secure system ties into other security and life safety systems, such as video, access control, IP phones, email/text notification systems, desktop pop-ups, hazardous materials sensors, and many others—so security personnel can monitor multiple systems from one interface. It uses redundant power systems and communications networks, so the system continues to work even if phone, internet, and power fail.

“Accent is a leader in the electronic security systems integration industry,” said Mark Kurtzrock, Metis Secure president and CEO. “We look forward to working with them to provide customizable, highly effective emergency communications and notification solutions for their customers.”

About Accent Electronic Systems Integrators
For nearly a decade, Accent Electronic Systems Integrators has surpassed the standard for a simplistic approach towards customized, sophisticated electronic integration solutions. In an effort to provide our clients with the latest innovative technologies while maximizing their project budget, we take the time to fully understand their individual needs and to develop a close relationship with them. We want to see things from their point of view enabling us to create an enhanced and engaging environment by utilizing the very best products and services coupled with our unparalleled expertise in the industry. To learn more, contact Accent at 412-220-9700,or visit

About Metis Secure Solutions
Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough in-building and outdoor emergency communications systems. Security and emergency management at commercial office buildings, industrial and research facilities, and universities depend on Metis Secure multi-purpose systems for both outbound emergency notification and inbound emergency communications—filling critical security gaps, optimizing emergency response speed and effectiveness, reducing liability, and leveraging pre-existing security investments. The Metis Secure system recently won the 2012 Electronic Security Expo Maximum Impact Award. For more information, contact Metis Secure at 412-828-3700 or


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