PSX Now Offers Metis Secure’s Emergency Communications and Notification Systems for Parking Facility Customers

PSX Now Offers Metis Secure’s Emergency Communications and Notification Systems for Parking Facility Customers

JANUARY 28, 2013

PSX Incorporated, one of Pennsylvania’s oldest systems integration firms, now offers Metis Secure’s advanced emergency communications systems for clients seeking to protect their people and reduce liability risks.

One of the keys to the partnership between the two companies is that each is known for their unique work in parking facilities. Parking garages and lots can present serious safety and security challenges for the organizations that operate them. According to CSO Magazine, muggings, break-ins, and other crimes occur in US parking facilities at a rate of 1000 a day, on average. Metis Secure has developed innovative technology suited to this environment; PSX has been designing and building systems in it for 44 years.

Metis Secure’s IP-based emergency communications system includes wall- or pole-mounted Emergency Help Stations that enable anyone in a parking area to speak with security at the press of a button. Security can answer calls from on or off site, and see precise call locations with easy-to-use Metis Secure Command Center software. If security personnel are on patrol, they can answer calls directly from their hand-held radios. Calls can also be routed to 911.

In addition, security and emergency personnel can broadcast emergency alerts and instructions through the Metis Secure system, with sirens, strobes, crystal-clear pre-recorded voice, and on-screen text. Commercial office buildings, industrial and research facilities, schools and universities, and large parking facilities depend on Metis Secure multi-purpose systems for both outbound emergency notification and inbound emergency communications.

The Metis Secure system automatically supervises the real-time status of each Help Station, and immediately alerts system operators in case of tampering, power, or communications issues. It uses redundant power systems and communications networks, so the system continues to work even if phone, internet, and power fail. The system easily ties into other security and life safety systems, such as video, access control, hazardous materials sensors, desktop alerts, IP phones, and email/text alert services.

“PSX has a long history of innovation,” said Mark Kurtzrock, Metis Secure President and CEO. “Their focus on advanced, integrated solutions–for both parking and security systems clients–makes them a great fit as a partner for Metis Secure and our emergency communications systems.”

“The Metis Secure system is well suited to our client base. It’s an advanced technology that’s very flexible, giving our security team a number of ways and reasons to integrate a Metis Secure system into a client’s protection program,” said Scot MacTaggart, a senior executive at PSX.

With offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Tampa, PSX designs, installs, and maintains integrated systems for hospitals, universities, K-12 schools, government agencies, and a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities.

About PSX
Since 1969, PSX has worked hand-in-hand with our clients in parking and security. The successful installation of thousands of sites in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Tampa areas over the years has helped us gain experience in solving many problems. Our experience and commitment to engineering excellence have led us to become a leading provider of creative solutions for parking, security and beyond. For more information, contact PSX at 800.562.3286, or visit

About Metis Secure Solutions
Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough in-building and outdoor emergency communications systems. Security and emergency management at commercial office buildings, industrial and research facilities, and universities depend on Metis Secure multi-purpose systems for both outbound emergency notification and inbound emergency communications—filling critical security gaps, optimizing emergency response speed and effectiveness, reducing liability, and leveraging pre-existing security investments. The Metis Secure system recently won the 2012 Electronic Security Expo Maximum Impact Award. For more information, contact Metis Secure at 412-828-3700 or

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