Metis Secure offers powerful hazmat emergency capabilities for chemical companies

Metis Secure offers powerful hazmat emergency capabilities for chemical companies

FEBRUARY 01, 2014

When a hazardous material spills or leaks, emergency response speed can prevent a minor, contained incident from becoming a headline-grabbing, catastrophic event. The faster information about a spill can get to the right plant personnel, the faster everyone can act to protect people and mitigate damage.

By unifying multiple standalone hazardous materials sensors, process control and communications systems, the Metis Secure emergency platform helps you:

  • Rapidly notify designated onsite and off-site personnel about a potential hazmat incident, and provide tools to quickly assess the situation.
  • Instantly alert everyone who needs to know about a verified leak or spill, and arm them with information about the severity of the event and emergency response instructions.
  • Automatically evacuate the plant in the case of a major release of dangerous material.

With the Metis Secure emergency communications and notification platform:

  • Set the system to automatically activate when your sensors or process control systems detect a problem. Depending on the emergency, notify designated emergency teams only, or automatically alert all plant personnel on and off-site.
  • Broadcast actionable, incident-specific information via all existing plant communications systems and devices simultaneously—IP office phones, PA systems, computer screens, and strobes, as well as emails and texts to mobile devices.
  • Arm your people with the tools to instantly report a potential problem in the plant—from fixed multi-modal Emergency Help Stations to mobile panic button apps.
  • View the location of any incoming panic button alarm or Help Station call on floor plans in Metis Secure’s Command Center “head end.” Plant managers and other authorized personnel can access the Command Center via internet browser or mobile device.
  • Tie in plant cameras to automatically display video feeds from panic button, Help Station, or hazardous materials locations—providing instant situational awareness if a problem is reported.

These advanced emergency communications capabilities are within reach with the Metis Secure platform, which unifies your existing plant systems so you can leverage your current investments.

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See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action