Community college chooses advanced IP emergency communications protection

Community college chooses advanced IP emergency communications protection

DECEMBER 10, 2014

A Pennsylvania community college with ten locations throughout several counties recently turned to Metis Secure to protect its people and campuses.

Metis Secure develops innovative, IP-based emergency notification and communications solutions that help organizations respond rapidly and effectively when a crisis strikes. In an emergency, fast, effective communications can prevent or mitigate disaster, save lives, and limit damage to property and reputation.

The community college chose Metis Secure’s advanced emergency communications system for three reasons:

  • If an emergency strikes, authorized personnel can use the system to broadcast actionable, highly intrusive alerts and instructions to everyone who may be in danger—students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Metis Secure Emergency Help Stations throughout the affected location erupt with high decibel voice directives, corresponding instructions on built-in LCD screens, and sirens and flashing lights for urgency. People instantly know what they need to do to reach safety.
  • The system provides protection in another way as well: people in need can press the help button on any Help Station to instantly speak with security over the college’s IP network—no phone lines required. The system automatically transmits the location where help is needed, so security can respond with maximum speed.
  • Finally, it was critical that the college have the power to seamlessly manage multiple campuses from one or multiple locations. Only Metis Secure’s cloud-based emergency communications and management system gives them that capability.

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action