Metis Secure’s GIS mobile mapping means ultra-rapid emergency response

Metis Secure’s GIS mobile mapping means ultra-rapid emergency response

If an emergency or security incident strikes, security leaders can quickly see the real time locations of both people who need help and safety personnel who can provide aid. They can also instantly broadcast emergency instructions to targeted areas or facilities across the globe.

PITTSBURGH—Emergency communications and management just got smarter. Metis Secure’s award-winning Command Center software now features GIS mapping, so security personnel can track the location of Metis mobile app users in an emergency.

Now, if someone activates the Metis mobile panic app from their phone, the Metis system instantly alerts security, and displays the real time “panic” location on a GIS map. Security personnel can see the locations of all on-site responders on the same map, and can immediately deploy the nearest appropriate person.

This can significantly accelerate emergency response at large sites such as school or university campuses, where police must rapidly get control of incidents involving students; and industrial plants, where specialized teams need to urgently respond to work injuries or hazardous materials releases.

Unlike stand-alone GPS “panic” applications that simply provide the coordinates of a person who needs help, the Metis Secure platform also provides full emergency communications and response capabilities.

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action