NJ School Panic Alarm Information

NJ School Panic Alarm Information

Alyssa’s Law now mandates all New Jersey’s K-12 Public Schools to have a “panic alarm system” that is linked directly to local law enforcement. Metis Secure Solutions is the only New Jersey based panic button system that does such. Further, the only panic button system certified with Desktop Alert Inc. by FEMA IPAWS.

Does your system dial a custom list of recipients as well as 9-1-1?

In an emergency, 9-1-1 is not the only uniquely qualified recipient to take emergency calls, gather information, and dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to the scene.

Relying only on 9-1-1 puts people at risk, and lengthens the response process. In an emergency, it takes a village.

Is your system capable of notifying teachers and staff in the building, family and friends that there is an emergency underway?

Often, teachers are the first first to act, and quickly notifying them of an emergency facilitates them to react, evacuate a building, or take other to mitigate the emergent situation.

Can your system provide critical data such location-based-services and live voice information to help first responders get to the scene quickly?

Having live bi-directional video and hands-free two-way voice information during an emergent event is critical !

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action