For over a decade, Metis Secure engineers have studied and mastered a variety of technologies and methods of providing emergency alerts and communications. Our track record includes building and supporting more than 200,000 First Alertbranded National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radios in the field. We have also built private warning systems for nuclear power plants and cutting edge systems for higher education. Our current precision emergency notification system represents the next generation of fast, two-way, reliable emergency notification systems. Built upon our past experience and an ever-expanding knowledge base, today’s Metis Secure emergency notification and communications platform supports your emergency preparedness and response needs now and in the future.

Products & Achievements

Metis becomes part of the Mircom group of companies

Released Command Center 2.3 control, integration,
and automation software

Raised $1.6 million in private equity
Won Electronic Security 2012 Maximum Impact Award

Released Command Center 2.0 software

Participated in an FM-RBDS study for Northrop Grumman and FEMA
Raised $1.5 million in private equity
Released the MS-6100 Emergency Help Station for outdoor and rugged environments

Released the MS-5100 Emergency Help Station for indoor environments
Received Campus Technology magazine’s Technology Innovation of the Year award

Launched Metis Secure Solutions, LLC
Secured initial funding

Integrated wireless mesh network with RBDS, called SMART Radio

Developed FM-RBDS-based warning system called FAST Radio.
Demonstrated FAST Radio at U.S. Army exercise in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida

Helped to develop the Public Alert technical standard (CEA-2009) as part of a development consortium with representatives from the Consumer Electronics Association, NOAA and seven radio manufacturers
–Introduced the world’s first Public Alert radio
–Introduced the world’s first AM/FM EAS radio

Built private warning system for nuclear power plants using private radio tower transmission

Manufactured First Alert branded NOAA radios for Sima PCorporation

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action