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Campus Emergency Notification and Communications

Metis Secure delivers emergency notification, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency. Call or email today for more information.
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Instantly move your campus to action in a crisis, with Metis Secure’s IP-based emergency notification and communications system.

  • Broadcast actionable voice and text instructions throughout campus, indoors and out, with sirens and flashing lights for urgency.
  • For contained incidents, target alerts to individual buildings, floors, or rooms.
  • Securely launch alerts from anywhere, on- or off-site, via any computer browser or mobile device.
  • Leverage equipment you already own–send alerts through IP phones, digital signs, computer screens, paging systems, and more.

And, give students, faculty, staff, and visitors a hotline to campus police, to report critical information or summon help.

  • They can instantly speak with campus police by pressing any Metis Secure Help Station button. Your campus IP network transmits the call, eliminating the need for additional phone lines.
  • Designated faculty and staff members can discreetly summon help using Metis Secure’s IP panic buttons or mobile apps.
  • At the police station, the Metis system’s on-screen maps and floor plans automatically display the call location–dispatchers can rapidly deploy officers to the scene.

Case Study

Community college chooses all-hazards IP emergency notification system

A Pennsylvania Community College with ten locations throughout multiple counties recently turned to Metis Secure to protect its people and campuses.

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Medical school deploys Metis Secure mass notification and communications protection

Medical school protects students, patients, faculty, and staff with advanced, multi-modal emergency alerts and location identified VOIP help calls.

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Fresno Pacific protects campus with Metis Secure

University retrofits old blue light towers with advanced emergency notification and communications system.

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William Peace uses IP technology to answer emergency help calls without a central dispatch station

William Peace University’s Public Safety personnel patrol campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so location-identified calls needed to go directly to their hand-held radios.

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Point Park University - emergency notification in the heart of the city

“The Metis Secure outdoor stations give us a high degree of visibility. This provides our students, staff and visitors a clear and direct line to campus police. Better yet, when someone presses the Help button, we know their exact location and can respond immediately.”

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Carnegie Mellon - protecting a high profile research facility

“I needed to fill some holes where existing technologies did not provide solutions. Metis Secure has a unique solution that we could use in any building on campus, but is particularly effective in addressing our most challenging environments.”

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Slippery Rock University focuses on campus safety

Parents and administrators agree that the Metis Secure system is an important part of Slippery Rock University’s campus safety program.

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See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action