Corporate Campuses

Emergency Communications for Office Buildings and Commercial Sites

Security and emergency personnel for large company facilities, corporate campuses, and commercial office buildings use the Metis Secure emergency communications system to instantly alert and instruct everyone affected by an emergency–throughout an entire large site, in single or multiple buildings, or even on a single floor. Security or emergency personnel can also broadcast different instructions to different locations–for example, telling everyone in one building to seek shelter in a locked office, and telling everyone else at the site to evacuate.

In addition, the multi-purpose Metis Secure system provides emergency help call capabilities–so people in remote or high-risk locations such as parking garages and lots can press a button on any Metis Secure Emergency Help Station to speak with security and get help. Security personnel can answer help calls directly from handheld radios, mobile phones, or from off-site, third-party central security stations.

Case Study

VeriSign Inc. expedites network security notification with Metis Secure

Color coded notification lets network teams respond quickly to a variety of prepared scenarios.

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Industry Insights

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action