Government and Public Sites

Emergency Communications for Government and Public Sites

Government buildings and public facilities tend to be relatively open environments with large numbers of visitors. This poses two important security issues:

  • Facilities that are open to the public, with many people coming and going throughout the day and sometimes night, are harder to protect against crime and violence than faciliies with tight access control measures.
  • In a crisis, public facilities are especially prone to chaos and confusion. Security and emergency managers need a way to communicate clear emergency alerts and instructions to the entire site or to targeted areas, in seconds. And, people need a way to quickly speak with security, report a problem, and get additional help if needed.

Using the multi-purpose Metis Secure system, security and emergency managers on- or off-site can broadcast emergency alerts and instructions to a single area or an entire public facility, almost instantly. Metis Secure Emergency Help Stations combine sirens, strobes, voice and on-screen text instrutions, to help you reach everyone, including those with vision or hearing disabilities.

In addition, every Metis Secure Help Station features a Help button, so a person in need can reach and speak with security with one button press. The call is hands-free after the button activation, in line with ADA requirements.

The Metis Secure system can easily tie in email and text alert services, access control, video cameras, and other security and life safety systems.

Case Study

Monitoring emergency calls from a third-party central station

National integrator secures its customer from its off-site Security Operations Center with Metis Secure’s cloud-based emergency communications system.

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