Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospital Emergency Alert Systems

Metis Secure delivers emergency notification, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency. Call or email today for more information.

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Hospital security and emergency managers use the Metis Secure communications and notification system in a crisis to break through busy hospital audio clutter and immediately alert and instruct key people throughout the facility–or everyone in an affected area. And, anyone on site can immediately speak with security to get help or report a problem, with one press of a Metis Secure Help Station button.

  • Activate preconfigured emergency alerts and voice instructions throughout your facility, or in targeted areas, in seconds.
  • Target special emergency instructions to specific groups, e.g., nurses, security, lab techs, facilities personnel, administrators, visitors inside the hospital, or incoming visitors in parking lots.
  • Automatically activate other emergency communications systems—including on-site systems such as IP phones and digital signs, and phone/email/text services such as staff callback services.
  • Quickly create and launch custom, incident-specific emergency alerts and instructions.
  • Unlike a standard panic button, which simply alerts security without providing additional information, people using the Metis Secure system can tell security what’s needed, and report what is happening.
  • Security can answer calls through a standard computer at a dispatch station or security desk, or via handheld radios or mobile phones.
  • A caller’s location is automatically transmitted to security, so security can respond rapidly if needed.

Case Study

Medical school deploys Metis Secure mass notification and communications protection

Medical school protects students, patients, faculty, and staff with advanced, multi-modal emergency alerts and location identified VOIP help calls.

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Industry Insights

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action