K-12 Schools

Emergency Notification and Communications for K-12 Schools

Metis Secure delivers emergency notification, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency. Call or email today for more information.

Click this image below to see a video showing how Metis Secure works in buildings, schools, hopitals etc.

In an emergency, speed can save lives. Protect entire districts, school campuses, or individual school buildings with Metis Secure’s emergency notification and communications system.

  • Establish a hotline to the police station–arm teachers and administrators with discreet mobile and IP panic solutions that instantly alert police when activated. Dispatchers see the precise panic location on Metis Secure’s on-screen GIS maps and building floor plans.
  • Set the Metis Secure system to simultaneously alert on-site School Resource Officers, principals, district officials, or anyone else who needs to know when and where a panic button is triggered.
  • Tie in your video camera system–when a panic button activation comes in, live video from the trouble spot automatically pops up for police dispatchers. And, integrate existing access control systems for automatic lockdowns, if desired.
  • Integrate the Metis Secure system with existing school PA systems, computer screens, IP phones, and digital signs. This gives you the power to instantly broadcast emergency directives throughout a school building, school campus, or entire district in a crisis. And, you can launch an alert from anywhere, via any authorized computer browser or mobile device.

Case Study

K-12 schools turn to Metis Secure

Three Case Studies: K-12 Schools
in NY, CT, and NC protect students
with Metis Secure.

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