“With the Metis Secure system, our client has a reliable method of seeking help in an emergency situation via the link between the on-site units and our security operations center. We can respond to calls for help while knowing the exact location of the caller, and send emergency notifications to the units if needed. Our client can immediately request help where they need it, when they need it most. The system was simple to install, and the software is powerful and easy to use. The system is also capable of integrating with video and access control systems as part of a comprehensive security system.”

Matthew Petnuch
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Intertech Security

“The Metis Secure system is a huge enhancement to our emergency notification plan. We didn’t have the ability to send messages to people in specific locations on campus. This targeted approach allows us to communicate to those individuals in need without alarming everyone else on campus, not affected by a situation.”

Rita Abent
Executive Director, University Public Relations, Slippery Rock University

“With poor cell phone and radio reception throughout and numerous research laboratories containing hazardous materials, Mellon Institute is a challenging security environment. If this technology can work here, it can work anywhere.”

Madelyn Miller
Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Carnegie Mellon University

“We selected Metis Secure because we were impressed with the speed and effectiveness of the solution and wanted one single emergency notification platform. We plan to implement the Metis Secure system throughout our campus to inform and protect our students, faculty, staff and visitors wherever they are.”

Bill Cameron
VP of Operations, Point Park University

See Desktop Alert’s Metis Secure emergency notification system in action