Metis Secure Student Safety Committee

Metis Secure Student Safety Committee

The Metis Secure Student Safety Committee (SCC) provides students advocacy for improved school safety. The committee, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, meets monthly with the Metis Secure select engineering staff. Both the committee and the leadership of the company provide discussion topics for the meetings.

In 2019, key agenda topics included:

  • Propose Safety implementation of safety measures to help students and teachers feel safer at school
  • Development of Student Outreach Program
  • Administrative processes

Student Advisory Council membership and structure

Members –

Department Name Level
Research and Development Braxton Moral Harvard Grad – About Braxton

I am really excited to join this company as it represents an approach to an issue that is incredibly important today. I especially appreciate the nonpartisan nature of the company and the approach it takes to solving the issue!

TBA Undergrad
Anti-Bully Social Engineering TBA Undergrad
Electrical & Computer Engineering TBA Undergrad/Grad
Social Media Safety Outreach Program Gabriela Ryan Undergrad (Instagram/Facebook, Twitter) – About Gabriela
SCC Blog/Media Management TBA Undergrad/Grad

How seats are apportioned (apply here)

  • undergraduate students
  • graduate students (at large)
  • engineering undeclared students
  • at large members from the engineering community
  • deadline for application is February 16th, 2019.


The ideal membership of the committee represents select students from all backgrounds including viewpoints and perspectives that represent the voices of women; gay, trans, LGBTQ and other underrepresented minorities; and low-income and other groups.

Council member duties

  • Council members serve 1 academic year.
  • Council members can reapply to participate in the council in 2020.
  • The estimated total monthly commitment is an optional 5-20 hours, including meeting time, and pre- and post- meeting responsibilities.
  • Council members should expect to meet bi-monthly between February and November.
  • Council members should expect to meet monthly between February and November with Metis Secure Team Leaders
  • All meetings using SKYPE or GotoMeeting.
  • Each member will be provisioned a Metis Secure e-mail account for all digital communications.

Student Compensation

  • Council members receive a $1000.00 payment on appointment to the SCC payable to the student or student’s charity of choice.
  • All SCC members are eligible for an all-expense paid annual trip to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. to meet with U.S. Military Leadership
  • All SCC members are paid $20.00 per hour for participation in this Committee.
  • Annual Recognition Plaque in each SCC members name highlighting each member contributions.

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