Companies team up for integrated mass notification systemIndustry Insights 2011


July 7, 2011
Author: Tess Nacelewicz
Source: Security Systems News

PITTSBURGH and MARIETTA, Ga.—IMLCORP and Metis Secure Solutions, both providers of emergency notification systems, in June announced a new partnership “that will integrate their technologies to create a comprehensive indoor and outdoor emergency notification solution.”

The solution, the companies say, will enable colleges, universities, commercial entities and other public space venues “to send and receive emergency warnings with clear voice instructions of the highest clarity and intelligibility, both indoors or outdoors.”

IML, based in Marietta, Ga., develops, manufactures and distributes portable and fixed loudspeaker systems. Metis is a provider of mass notification system solutions based in Pittsburgh.

Mark Kurtzrock, president and CEO of Metis, told Security Systems News that Metis and IMF realized “that there was a lot of common ground” between the two companies because of their focus on voice systems.

“Between the two of us we determined fairly quickly that to be able to have both an indoor and an outdoor mass notification system with one common interface that makes it very easy for security personnel and folks in the military to be able to quickly distribute information to people through those two different channels … was really a very value-added capability in the systems,” he said.

According to the companies, with the integrated solution, “emergency managers will . . .

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