Emergency notification: How to use your golden minutesIndustry Insights 2013


November 13, 2013
Author: Joanne Pekich
Source: Security magazine

You’ve heard about the “Golden Hour” after an incident, but you should be planning for the “Golden Minutes.”
In the wake of recent high profile shootings, measures such as access control and video surveillance have become the order of the day in a bid to deter future attacks. But what about threats that can’t be prevented?

Between the sudden onset of an emergency and its aftermath lie the golden minutes. You may have heard of the golden hour – that brief window of opportunity after a stroke that can make all the difference in how much permanent damage is done. Larger-scale emergencies work that way, too.

No matter what is done to protect against threats, eventually one will break through. A devastating storm will track your way, a water main will burst, dangerous gas will leak, or an unbalanced person will get in with a weapon.

When it happens, things at your site instantly get very complicated. The clock starts ticking away your chance to mitigate disruption and damage to your people, assets, customer relationships, reputation – and even your ability to recover.

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