Is your industrial facility prepared for a weather emergency?Industry Insights 2013


May 21, 2013
Author: Tim Means
Source: Canadian Plant magazine

Is your plant prepared for a severe storm?

When a severe event is detected, notify your people and set your emergency plans in motion. Consider how you alert everyone; how you tell them what to do; and how they notify you.

Action plan

Emergency notification in a large facility with hundreds of people will be more involved than telling everyone to “shelter in place.” Work out where each group will take shelter, how they will get there in a safe and orderly fashion and establish a way to quickly notify everyone in the plant to initiate emergency procedures. Old emergency notification systems were based on sirens designed to evacuate buildings. Modern systems run on easy-to-use software that features voice notification and sends different alerts to different parts of the facility. This allows emergency and plant managers to broadcast specific instructions. Alerts are planned and programmed in advance so the plant manager can send them in seconds, with a few clicks of the mouse.

Systems also integrate with a variety of diverse technologies. For example, sensors that detect and report non-weather-emergencies such as hazardous spills can also be monitored and pulled into the software. Systems often feature an inbound emergency call for help feature as well. Hitting a button immediately transmits the location of the trouble spot, and connects with security or other personnel via a live voice link.

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