Today’s Severe Storms Demand Precision NotificationIndustry Insights 2011


July 12, 2011
Author: Tim Means
Source: Government Security News

The 2011 storm season has produced a historic series of tornados, the power and impact of which have shocked the entire nation. We have never had a better, closer look inside the intensity of these terrifying storms. Today’s sophisticated Doppler radar and the cameras of storm chasers, weather men and ordinary citizens have shown the face of nature’s fury.

The primary emergency notification method on the ground in these locales is the outdoor tornado siren and the NOAA weather radio. On May 22, NOAA Weather Radio issued a tornado warning in Joplin, MO, 23 minutes before the rogue twister hit. This is nearly twice the warning time that was possible 10 years ago. However, in spite of the advanced notice, the F5 storm struck with such speed and ferocity that many lives were lost and the town was devastated. It took 10 days to account for all the missing persons.

According to meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Springfield, MO, this storm went from just a funnel cloud to a very strong, very large, very damaging tornado in less than 10 minutes.

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